Economists: Britain’s austerity plan to hit poor (AP)

In this screen grab from the House of Commons, British Chancellor George Osborne, centre,  delivers the Comprehensive Spending Review, in London. Wednesday Oct. 20, 2010. Britain's Treasury chief George Osborne says the country's government will make the largest cuts to public spending since World War II, slashing benefits and public sector jobs in a five-year austerity plan. Osborne said Wednesday he had ordered 83 billion pounds ($130 billion) in spending cuts through 2015, which he claims are necessary alongside tax increases to wipe out a spending deficit which reached 156 billion pounds last year.  At left is Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, and at right, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. (AP Photo/PA) ** UNITED KINGDOM OUT  **AP – Britain’s poor and powerful clashed Thursday over who will lose out most under austerity measures that will slash benefits, jobs and government services to reduce the country’s crippling debts.